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Student Reflections

Matt McChlery – UK Academy 8

“So I arrived with a sense of expectation – and I soon discovered I wasn’t the only one to do so! In fact all the other students on the course had come with that same sense……… From this weekend I have come away refreshed. Yes it was intense, but somehow it was not draining. God’s spirit was so evidently amongst us, to the extent that some of the planned events on the timetable were abandoned to give space for the Spirit to move and work – this alone tells me that Academy is run by people who are in tune with God’s spirit and who don’t want to get in His way, even if it means being a bit messy! How awesome is that!?”

Ionutz – Romania Academy 1

Ken Spence – UK Academy 8

“Last weekend I went to a family reunion. Over 40 of my brothers and sisters were there and although it was the first time we had all come together it was almost as if we had been together all our lives……One word describes our experience “WOW” I’ve now gone back to my other brothers and sisters with love and the Spirit of the Father bouncing in my heart……I can’t wait for the next reunion when I know we will all have amazing stories to tell……”

Ross Cornwall – UK Academy 6
The Worship Academy was a bit of a mystery to me intially! Not knowing what to expect from the weekend made me a little nervous…

Arriving at the venue for the weekend I saw that the environment was friendly and energetic. Throughout my time everyone made a real effort with people so that we all felt welcome and comfortable. I left feeling that this was going to be a great environment for me to go further in understanding worship and deepening my relationship with God.

For me personally, Worship Academy has started the ball rolling in helping me to realize what true worship is – and it starts with lifestyle! The teaching on Academy is practical and a real help not just for me but for my worship team back at home.

If your a Christian looking to find out more about Gods heart and your love for worship the Worship Academy is for you!

Jack Ellis – UK Academy 5
Worship Academy has not only equipped me to feel affirmed in my gifting musically, spiritually and in leadership but being with the ‘family’ has bought a lot of real issues that I battle with, such as an anxiety disorder I’ve had for a number of years, to the foreground for genuine healing in a very safe environment.

Through God’s grace, Chris, Andy and all the other guest visitors’ wonderful input, along with the support of my new life long friends – this is more than just a retreat now and then – this is real Christian growth in His Glory.

I don’t just recommend worship academy, I suggest it essential you join the vision as soon as you are able.

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