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wineskinsTime for New ‘Wineskin’…

We are excited to announce that we have been brought to a place where we are evaluating Worship Academy.    We have a clear mandate from the Holy Spirit to remind ourselves of our first love and the passion which caused us to commence Worship Academy 12 years ago and to plan for the future based on this foundation. As part of our planning we’d love to hear from past students, from potential students, from church pastors and the local church. Let us know what you’d like from Worship Academy by emailing office@worship-

Just as from time to time it is necessary to update the software on your computer we are being challenged to update Worship Academy to serve and support the needs of the Body of Christ in 2014 and beyond. We are encouraged and humbled by the high regard with which Worship Academy is held and the continuing need for its ministry. We know that we need to contain that ministry in a new wine skin.

Shortly we will announcing a new programme. If you’d like to be kept informed email the office and we’ll make sure you get details of the new programme as soon as it is announced.

For more information please contact us using the form below.


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