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10 Years of Worship Academy

Some thoughts from the founders of worship academy Chris Bowater and Andy Bromley. “Welcome to the new look Worship Academy web site!  We hope that our media site inspires you and encourages you to engage in the Journey of Worship. For ten years now Academy has served hundreds of churches and worshippers. We have seen amazing spiritual transformations in scores of lives. We are grateful to God that Academy has nurtured authentic, skilled and passionate worshippers.  We have stayed true to the core value of ‘building people’ not so much in their ministries but in their 24/7 living! The journey continues. We seek to keep praise and worship at the forefront of thinking and expression in the local and global church. We are committed to keeping the honour and praise of Jesus at the centre of our worship. Stay blessed.” Chris Bowater (Senior Pastor NLCM Sleaford)

“10 years ago, at the end of our first Worship Academy weekend, we realized something had begun which was beyond our ideas, our plans, beyond us. Worshippers, from many different streams, had come together to be equipped for the work of the ministry and so began a vision that would lead to Academy’s being birthed in countries across the world, seeing hundreds of lives transformed in the process.  Here we are 10 years later, a mile marker, a place to stop for a moment and say thank you, still amazed as we look back at the journey of Academy and humbled that we get to continue this vision for generations yet to come.” Andy Bromley (Pastor of Worship Arts, Woodmen Valley Chapel)

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