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Chris Bowater ThumbnailAfter a season of ‘resting’ the WAUK vision I’m excited to announce the unveiling of some new direction and plans.

Before I get to that, its important to say that Worship Academy France, in Lille, hosted by a former WA graduate, VIRGINIE DEGREEF, has been the most thrilling and privileged experience. TERRY HUGGINS and myself have attended, along with RICHARD LEWIS, GERBEN GROOTEN. ANDY BROMLEY travels with me later this year. The WA South Africa – WASA – too is into its fourth series of modules. Led by GERBEN & MIEKE GROOTEN this has been an academy that is now being replicated in other countries of Africa. WAPortugal is having its own ‘Selah’ before recommencing next year under the leadership of WA former graduate Luis Goncalves and his wife Carla.


  1. I am partnering with Pastor Doug Williams and former WA graduates in A WORSHIP SCHOOL to serve the London area. This commences in the Autumn 2016. Information and DVD will appear on this page.
  2. In March 2017 – A REGIONAL WORSHIP ACADEMY will start in TAUNTON SOMERSET – WASW!! It will be hosted by former WA graduates, Pastor Vince Carrington and his wife Janice. Nigel & Glynn Clark from Penzance, friends for decades, will serve alongside them as hosts. Serving the South West of England this Academy will run for 10 modules – Friday night + Saturday. For further information initially contact me :
  1. Early stages of discussions are taking place to start next year WAYorkshire! Watch this space.

These Academies will be taught by myself and many of the team that served the WAUK vision for more than 12 Academies. 

I retired from Senior Pastoral responsibilities at the end of June.

*        God provide the right people to be successors – Mark & Susan Watson, who led WARomania so faithfully.

*        God showed us the right timing.

*        We believe its all been done for the right reasons.

–        I am sensing ‘a recall’ rather than a full retirement.

–        It’ll be a new tempo of life but full of purpose

I’d love to hear from you. Words of encouragement are always appreciated. Words from God are always needed.

Stay blessed

Chris Bowater
Founder and Director of Worship Academy International


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